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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is one of the most popular ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems in the world, chosen by millions of users.

ERP systems are all-inclusive multifunctional software solutions that improve your company’s operational efficiency. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to manage all your company’s financial, and business processes within a single platform.
By implementing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system with Dynamic Aspect, your company will obtain:
Cost reduction through better use of all resources, including financial, material, and human;
Increase in labor productivity by reducing the time taken by routine tasks. Tracking and monitoring the progress of projects by individual staff members and units;
Improvement in the quality of decision making, based on a deep, comprehensive analysis of the company’s real-time processes.
Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central:
All-inclusive, comprehensive solution
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central covers all enterprise management processes including interactions with clients, suppliers, partners, shareholders and other parties. Also, it does not require the reorganisation of the company’s IT infrastructure as it is a cloud solution based on Microsoft Azure and is fully integrated with Office 365.
Flexibility and adaptability
Depending on the company’s needs, it’s possible to activate specific functions and their combinations necessary for effective commercial activity. When necessary, the system can be quickly adapted to the company’s changed structure and updated with new modules and features.
Scaling ability
The system's functionality and architecture will keep advancing and expanding along with your company's growth. Due to its cloud nature, you will always use the latest version of the system.
Simple integration
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can be used as an all-inclusive solution or only certain modules can be activated and used by your company. Depending on the volume and complexity of your tasks, Dynamic Aspect specialists will create and configure the most appropriate architecture.
Due to its flexibility and scalability, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, is ideal for small, midsize and large companies.
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Features
Financial management
Analysis and reporting
Sales management
Resource management
Production management
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Warehouse Management
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Who can benefit from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a powerful platform for business process optimisation projects in finance, distribution, manufacturing, service and other industries.
Dynamic Aspect Case Studies
Business Central
Business Central
Capital Bridging Finance (CB Finance)
CB Finance go live with Dynamic Aspect Loans Express (Dynamics 365 Business Central with Solitea Loans Express)
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Business Central
As a professional body and important industry association, Motor Traders' Association of New South Wales (MTA NSW) needs to operate modern, streamlined business systems that have a low total cost of ownership whilst delivering real capabilities for MTA and members. To achieve this, MTA NSW selected Dynamic Aspect and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. A powerful combination delivering real and ongoing results.
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Business Central
Energy Sea
In the Renewable Energy and Engineering sector, energySEA Pty Ltd prides itself on a smart use of technology including its own business systems. It's not surprising, therefore, that energySEA selected the powerful combination of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamic Aspect.
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Business Central
Hume Housing manages a very complex environment of clients, builders, government agencies and suppliers. In such a complex environment, the Not for Profit (NFP) Hume chooses to use Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Business Central) and Continia products. To keep the environment operating effectively, they call upon their trusted Partner, Dynamic Aspect.
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Business Central
Red Earth
Red Earth Energy Storage (Red Earth) is a high tech manufacturer operating in a high growth and fast evolving field of engineering and renewable energy storage. For a complete system flexible enough to keep up with their business, Red Earth selected the Wiise version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. And for a 'safe pair of hands' in terms of ongoing support and training, they found Dynamic Aspect as the partner with the complete set of product knowledge and skills to meet demands.
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What Our Clients Say
"Deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helped MTA continue on its moderisation journey to remove siloed data, better manage our financials, and keep projects on time and under budget and optimise our operations for our member base.
We are very pleased with the team at Dynamic Aspect who have delivered services within the timeframe which was required by MTA, most importantly, in an impeccable manner."
Financial Controller Motor Traders' Association of NSW
"We use the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for accounting and production control, product sales, and work with our staff. The system's functionality provides great transparency and use of historical data what, in turn, provides significant assistance to us. We can improve our interactions with the clients, start working again with the old customers, converting cold contacts to new customers. The system's flexibility allows us to generate sales reports that maximally meet our company's needs".
"For our company, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a convenient tool for project management. Every project involves many participants. Therefore, we need a precise and timely calculation for each employee's and manager's contribution. It helps us form project implementation schedules and strictly adhere to them."
"Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helped our company integrate into a single system, uniting the work of sales department, accounting, and customer service while increasing the effectiveness of loyalty programs. Lots of useful information on customers and contacts became available to each manager and sales department employee".
"Our company uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central quite intensively. It helps us to systematise all the interactions with clients, improving accounting processes and procedures for managers' and sellers' work results. We easily integrated the software products made by other manufacturers into the system".
Why Dynamic Aspect
Dynamic Aspect is focused on delivering business driven solutions across Microsoft’s business applications stack. We believe a combination of people, technology, and business drivers underpin successful implementations:
Years of Expertise
Our team is composed of seasoned professionals who have spent years mastering Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This deep experience enables us to navigate complex challenges and tailor solutions that are precise and effective for your unique business needs.
In-depth Knowledge
At Dynamic Aspect, we pride ourselves on our thorough understanding of not only the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform but also the various industries it serves. This knowledge allows us to design solutions that are not only technically sound but also highly relevant to your specific market demands.
Support Plans
We offer comprehensive support plans designed to ensure your investment in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central maximises its potential. From initial implementation to ongoing maintenance, our support plans cover all aspects to keep your systems running smoothly.
Subject Matter Experts
Our team includes specialists who are experts in specific areas of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Whether you need advice on financial management, supply chain logistics, or customer relationship management, our subject matter experts provide insights and solutions that drive business efficiency and growth.
Are you ready to begin your transformation journey?
Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Dynamic Aspect can significantly enhance your operational efficiency and provide deep insights into your business processes.
Our team is committed to supporting you throughout the implementation process, helping you maximise the benefits of Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Get in touch to explore our services and discover how we can help empower your business to thrive.
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Business central

The scale of your business is not that important: you will definitely need quality CRM tools to make your daily working processes faster and easier and connect with your counterparties. Many companies decide to purchase a licensed version from one of the major CRM platforms, thus overpaying for unnecessary features.

This time we will consider a quality solution from a reliable provider – Microsoft tools are widely demanded in various areas, since they have saved us many times when performing tasks at work or while studying. The well-known concern has finally released a whole package of programs for working purposes. Let’s see if it’s worth attention?

Prosperous functionality Customized analytics
One of the key features of Businesscentral Dynamics is its customer-centric approach. It lets organizations get to know their client base better, enabling them to deliver personalized experiences and bond with them as qualified entrepreneurs. Customer data is being captured and reviewed from various touchpoints, organizations are able to see detailed reviews which may lead to various improvements.

Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central works with Al to and provides advanced details on all of your activities. This means that you can use intelligent automation to make better choices, find new solutions and save a lot of time by skipping the daily routine, which is now can be fully automated. These features will make your startup more productive and also will enable you to stay ahead of the competition by identifying new opportunities and trends in the market.

Business Central Dynamics can be easily integrated with Power BI and Office 365, creating a unified and productive work environment. This integration may lead to great collaboration and improved data sharing across departments and teams. You’ll notice how well-informed the business strategies became due to advanced guidance and obtaining information from various sources.

Accessible personalization
Another important aspect of Dynamics Business Central is its flexibility and scalability. Businesses can choose the specific modules that are relevant to their needs allowing them to tailor the solution to their unique requirements. Additionally, as the organization grows and evolves, MS Dynamics Business Central could be easily adapted and scaled to accommodate the changing demands.

Leading technologies enabling
Dynamics 365 is not only powered by AI, it also works with machine learning (ML) which is useful for enhancing various processes. From predictive analytics to intelligent chatbots these advanced technologies enable businesses to create data-driven solutions, work with repetitive tasks automatically and upgrade overall efficiency.

Storing your data
Dynamics Business is created as a cloud solution: this kind of software is preferable for businesses that need more scalability, accessibility and security. Get unlimited access to all of your data and never worry about its security due to qualified protection.

Customer analytics
While using 365 Business Central, you’ll get to know so many details about your client base that you possibly wouldn’t find out by yourself due to the process’ complexity. With this comprehensive view you can better understand your customers and offer them more opportunities to get along with your new products, which leads to increase in client flow and maintain long-term partnerships. Even though you could entrust the analysis of needs and feedback from the client base to your employees, it’s much easier and more accurate with the automation. This increased customer engagement will positively affect your feedback and revenue.

From improving customer engagement to enhancing operational efficiency the platform provides a comprehensive and scalable solution that can help businesses thrive in today's competitive market. By harnessing the power of data artificial intelligence and reliable cooperation, 365 Dynamics helps companies to drive growth, boost productivity and stay ahead of the curve.

Main reasons to choose

No useless options

It is a full-featured software platform. Dynamics for Business combines CRM and ERP – you won’t need to pay for different platforms in order to get a certain quantity of necessary features and leave the rest untouched, since your business doesn’t require such functionality. This means that you can solve many business needs within one system, which simplifies the management of your operations.

Interface and capability

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is suitable for almost everything: it can be flexibly personalized to meet anyone’s special needs. You can expand its functionality with the help of various applications and modules, which allows you to use only those functions that you need.

Integrated ecosystem

You can easily connect other Microsoft products with your Dynamics for Business. Easily get along with any of your applications – it enables you to use different work tools efficiently.

Support and training

Microsoft provides extensive support and training opportunities for Dynamics 365 users. There are educational materials, online courses and specialists who can help you in all questions related to the use of the program.
You’ll see how great Business Central is for managing your operations.

Is it suitable for your startup?

The developers conceived Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as a multi-functioned solution suitable for companies of different directions and sizes. There are practically no restrictions – whether you are the owner of a small business or a large retail chain, the program could be just perfect for you. Below we will describe only a small number of organizations which may find Microsoft Dynamics 365 irreplaceable:
Microsoft Business Central has a certain features for managing production processes:
- Inventorization;
- Streamline operations;
- Quality control.


This software can help retailers manage sales, customer relationships, inventorization and marketing campaigns. It provides tools for:
- Managing multiple sales channels;
- Analyzing customer data;
- Optimizing sales and promotional strategies.

Management Services

Since Dynamics 365 Business Central is full of tracking, time-management, billing and project resource planning, any professional service firms will be able to comfortably manage their projects, allocate resources effectively and improve their billing and invoicing processes.


Microsoft Dynamics has a lot of customer management options, and also it’s useful for tracking sales, transactions and marketing campaigns in the financial services industry. It can help banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions get in touch with their clients, enhance their sales and marketing efforts.


Dynamics 365 also could be used for planning appointments, archive and manage their patients data, carefully count the billings and compliance. It offers features for scheduling electronic medical records and reporting which can help healthcare companies improve their operational efficiency.


Program can support nonprofits by elaboration of fundraising campaigns and grant management. It provides tools for tracking donations, managing fundraising events and generating reports to demonstrate accountability and transparency.


Dynamics 365 offers features for managing student information enrollment and educational programs. It can help schools and universities streamline administrative processes, improve communication with students and parents and enhance the overall educational experience.
The software is highly customizable and scalable, making it suitable for organizations of all sizes and industries.
How can Microsoft Dynamics 365 help you scale your business?
Do you use Dynamics 365 for CRM or ERP?
Is Dynamics 365 good for small businesses?
What is the primary use of Dynamics 365?
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