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What defines business efficiency and the quality of management’s decisions is the accurate, timely and complete reporting on financial and operational data.

Jet Reports, offered by Dynamic Aspect, allows for creating easy to manage reports based on database data and present them in a convenient format to key users.
Preparing financial statements and other reports using Jet Reports:
No special knowledge required
You don't need to know a programming language or possess any special skills to work with Jet Reports. It comes with a simple interface so that even a beginner can start working with it in few minutes.
Real-time data display
You can instantly create any report based on information entered and stored in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
No human error factor
When creating financial and other reports, there is always a risk of making a mistake during information transfer, especially if an untrained staff member performs this monotonous work. With Jet Reports, there is no human error factor and a 100% guarantee of correct data entry.
With Jet Reports, you can easily create reports based on different companies' transactions. It’s incredibly relevant for holding companies consisting of various legal entities.
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Jet Reports Capabilities
Jet Reports is a powerful and convenient tool to optimise financial and management reporting due to a vast number of functions:
It works in Microsoft Excel
Continuously updated data
Working with various data sources
Multiple ready-to-use templates
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Who can benefit from Jet Reports?
Jet Reports, offered by Dynamic Aspect, is a perfect tool for any business.
Usually managers are trying to find the right balance between how much time their employees spend on building analytical reports and the quality of these reports. With Jet Reports, they get the required level of automation and a high speed in report preparation.
What our customers say about Jet Reports
"What we like the most about Jet Reports is the simplicity and agility in the preparation of reports. Regardless of which department or division the report is created in, every user can create the look they prefer the most. Some people like comparing results by months and years. Others favour comparing different teams and employee's indicators. Some prefer graphs and charts, while others are more comfortable working with numeric tables".
Finance Manager, National Association
"We must work with massive data that comes in daily. Jet Reports is an excellent tool, and any employee can learn to work with it. For the accounting department, working with Excel is very natural and common. They probably wouldn't have accepted another program that easily".
Chief Financial Officer, Infrastructure Company
"We use Jet Reports for making monthly reports, combining financial data, statistics, and marketing department information. Using the final report we can see where we are at, comparing different months' results while seeing which factors were decisive in a particular period. This software product has significantly improved the quality of management decisions in our company".
COO, Aged Care Provider
Why Dynamic Aspect
Dynamic Aspect is focused on delivering business driven solutions across Microsoft’s business applications stack. We believe a combination of people, technology, and business drivers underpin successful implementations:
Years of Expertise
Our years of expertise helps us to align ourselves with our customer's business needs, expectations with Microsoft Business Solutions.
In-depth Knowledge
Our in-depth knowledge of products, technology, and Industry helps us to design the solution that align with our customer's business needs.
Support Plans
Tailored Support Plans from $9/ seat to meet your requirements and ensure your business applications are tuned for maximum benefit
Subject Matter Experts
Our highly experienced team of Professionals having the collective experience of over hundreds of successful Project implementations.
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