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Every company, during the course of their daily operation, accumulates vast amounts of information: about the market, customers, suppliers and partners, and competitors.

But in order to gain real competitive advantages it is necessary that fragmented information is transformed into insights. So collected data should be analysed.

As a result of this analysis trends and patterns can be identified, and tactical and strategic decisions on business development can be made.

Dynamic Aspect offers a high-performance tool to analyse and visualise data. Microsoft Power BI is a comprehensive software solution that includes a set of services, applications and connectors. The system allows you to systematise fragmented data and turn it into valuable practical information that improves business performance.
Benefits Microsoft Power BI
As a tool for analysing business processes (Microsoft Power BI) helps to improve the company's efficiency by reducing costs, boosting turnover, optimising inventory, structuring the products and services portfolio, etc. The analytical tools integrated in the system allow you to identify the underlying trends and find the best solutions for growing your business.
Microsoft Power BI
Empower field technicians | Microsoft Power BI
Among the advantages of the software solution offered by Dynamic Aspect are:
Versatility and flexibility
Microsoft Power BI is a modular system that includes three major modules: desktop application, web server and mobile app. This architecture allows users with different roles to use the functionality they actually need. For example, some employees create reports, while others just read them using remote access from a mobile device. With regard to the areas, where the application can be applied, Microsoft Power BI provides a lot of opportunities for analysing financial and operating indicators, evaluating sales efficiency, as well as in implementing marketing strategies.
Easy setup and use
The interface and logic of Power BI will be familiar to all users of Microsoft products such as Excel or PowerPoint, and built-in AI and machine learning tools will be helpful in solving analytical tasks and in drawing graphical visuals. Compatibility with many internal and external data sources, as well as with third-party apps will allow you to easily integrate Microsoft Power BI into your company’s IT architecture.
Power BI will work efficiently even after a significant increase in the volume of processed data. This, in turn, guarantees that Power BI can successfully cope with structural changes in your company caused by the growth of your business.
Instant availability of data and reports
The system allows you to quickly group and classify incoming data from different sources and build visual analytical reports. Both local and external sources of data can be used for this case. They are handled in a single environment that is accessible to users with different roles and levels of access.Instant reporting significantly reduces the pressure on the staff caused by the necessity to perform routine tasks of collecting and processing data and compiling reports.
Just around five minutes is required to understand the logic of creating graphical reports. These reports allow users to visualise trends and patterns, to compare the performance of departments, KPI of individual employees, etc.
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Microsoft Power BI  Features
Regardless of the type of your company it is often required to work with internal Microsoft Excel files, incoming statistical reports or external databases. Microsoft Power BI can help you to quickly generate and visualise analytical reports.
Visualised analytics
Monitoring and reporting
Handling big data from a variety of sources
Integration with other products
Role allocation
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Who can benefit from Microsoft Power BI?
Microsoft Power BI is so flexible that it is equally well suited for small companies, which need to quickly process large amounts of data, and for large corporations. The system functionality will be useful for:
  • executives - to have constant access to the critical data and make well-informed decisions based on the in-depth understanding of ongoing processes in the company;
  • analytics - for better analysis and creating clear and transparent reports
  • IT-to improve the efficiency and performance of the company by development of solutions that eliminate bottlenecks in business processes.
What Our Clients Say
"We have started to use Microsoft Power BI for almost all of our internal reporting. Before that we mainly used Excel spreadsheets. In fact we continue to use them, but the quality, agility and clarity of documents and presentations prepared by employees and managers have changed dramatically. Before that we were only occasionally converting reports into graphical presentations. Now all the data is visualised and a quick glance is enough to understand the essence of the processes and changes that took place during the reporting period."
CFO, Housing Industry
"Microsoft Power BI has become a great asset for our project teams. It has become much easier to prepare reports, find ways to optimise costs, work processes, etc. In addition the transparency and accessibility of the information presented in the reports has increased a lot. Before the introduction of Power BI it was quite common that only the people directly in charge of the project had access to the reports. Now any interested person can access the reports he or she needs through a single access point. And all of them are designed in a very simple and easy-to-understand form - no need to spend hours digging into columns of figures."
Finance Manager, National Association
"The most amazing thing for us was that it is one of a few software products that has caused a lively and extremely positive response from almost all our departments: sales, customer service, finance and even IT, who are not always easy to please. And what is even more important after we have implemented Microsoft Power BI - there were quite noticeable changes in terms of saving working time, increasing productivity and quality of day-to-day management."
Head of Operations, Technology Field Services Company
"Our job is to promote our clients' products and services over the Internet. And here we have to deal with a vast volume of data and metrics that reflect user behaviour and their reactions on various advertising and marketing campaigns. Reporting in Power BI allows us firstly to better understand all the processes in the sales funnel we are building and how conversions happen, and secondly to communicate all our insights to clients faster and easier."
Program Manager, Marketing Industry
Why Dynamic Aspect
Dynamic Aspect is focused on delivering business driven solutions across Microsoft’s business applications stack. We believe a combination of people, technology, and business drivers underpin successful implementations:
Years of Expertise
Our years of expertise helps us to align ourselves with our customer's business needs, expectations with Microsoft Business Solutions.
In-depth Knowledge
Our in-depth knowledge of products, technology, and Industry helps us to design the solution that align with our customer's business needs.
Support Plans
Tailored Support Plans from $9/ seat to meet your requirements and ensure your business applications are tuned for maximum benefit
Subject Matter Experts
Our highly experienced team of Professionals having the collective experience of over hundreds of successful Project implementations.
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