Creating Web Applications:
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Creating Web Applications ∙ Consulting, Development & Support ∙ Australia ∙ Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide

A web application is, to put it simply, a program that runs in a user's browser (a client-server application). Web applications can be as simple as a web site with a personal account, as well as quite complex, such as ERP systems distributed on the SaaS platform.

We create web applications of any scale, complexity level and industry focus. Each project is developed based on the particular business goals of our customers.
Dynamic Aspect Web Development Services
Dynamic Aspect's expertise in web application development includes the development of both technically complex, yet ergonomic and user-friendly applications, and the development of websites of any complexity. We offer a full cycle of web applications development: business analysis, design, implementation, quality testing, maintenance and support.
Advantages of Web Apps
Web applications work on mobile devices and desktops, allowing you to reach the widest possible audience.
Ease to update
When you update the app, all users immediately get access to the latest version of your software.
Flexible integration with all services that support data exchange via APIs.
When you work using the SaaS model, you are protected from illegal distribution of your application.
Web application can be very beneficial in automating internal processes what, in turn, can make your business more efficient.
Single Database
Web applications can act as a central portal for all other services and applications that your company has.

Data protection

No matter where you are now, what matters is the dynamic aspect with which you are moving towards your goals!
We have a solution for that that includes:
  • Creating a system of user accounts with different permissions and access levels.
  • Connecting an encrypted HTTPS protocol.
  • mplementing multi-factor authentication: password, email verification, SMS.
Integration with other systems
Web-applications have cast integration possibilities compared to desktop
software. Web-application can be connected to external services and internal
software products via: API, RSS, XML, Parsing, WEBHOOK.

Configuring for various platforms

The interface and content visualisation of Internet applications must be individually configured for different devices (mobile, tablets, laptops, smart TV, PCs) and browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge).
Dynamic Aspect experts use several approaches to cross-platform optimisation:
  • Adaptive layout.
  • Responsive design.
  • PWA (Progressive Web Applications).
  • Separate mobile version.
  • Customization of the web-application for different platforms.
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We'll analyse which solutions are required by your business. What functionality is needed to make your web application fully functional. We will prepare a plan for the development and launch of the project.
We can integrate with other web services and
Delivery Services
Mobile Apps
Accounting Systems
Mailing Services
Payment Systems
We're here to help!
Speak with a local Dynamic Aspect expert.
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Every day, over the years, we've implement challenging and exciting web projects.
During this time we have accumulated vast experience which will undoubtedly help to deliver your project. We do not just try to "do as we are told" but we act to help our clients achieve the solution they want, and to grow and develop the solution in partnership with the client.
Years of Expertise
Our years of expertise helps us to align ourselves with our customer's business needs, expectations with Microsoft Business Solutions.
In-depth Knowledge
Our in-depth knowledge of products, technology, and Industry helps us to design the solution that align with our customer's business needs.
Support Plans
Tailored Support Plans from $9/ seat to meet your requirements and ensure your business applications are tuned for maximum benefit
Subject Matter Experts
Our highly experienced team of Professionals having the collective experience of over hundreds of successful Project implementations.
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