CB Finance provides loans faster than any other major or private lender with flexibility to suit unique circumstances by providing immediate cash flow to help clients finalise construction projects, capitalise on investment opportunities and support clients with a range of other scenarios across:
• Commercial Finance
• Development finance
• Residential bridging finance
• Debt consolidation
• ATO debt
• Cash flow
• Urgent funds

Capital Bridging Finance: Financial Solutions

Capital Bridging Finance (CB Finance) is a private, boutique Australian lending firm providing quick and secure bridging loans.
They provide flexible commercial and residential bridging finance services for those who need urgent bridging loans, often in complex circumstances requiring highly customised solutions.
To deliver on all this, CB Finance has made investments in the Microsoft offerings of Microsoft 365 including Outlook, SharePoint and Teams.
After an extended market review, CB Finance selected Dynamic Aspect and their Dynamics 365 Business Central Loans Express solution (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with the Seyfor Loans Express App) to achieve a consistent, integrated business applications environment for productivity across the business and a low total cost of ownership.
What were the challenges or pains which you need to deal with before the implementation of the solution?
CB Finance had tried other solutions available, but after engaging with the team from Dynamic Aspect, they selected Dynamic Aspect to:
  • Work alongside the CB Finance team in completing and implementing the solution design and extending the proven Dynamics 365 Business Central and Seyfor Loans Express offerings to support the exacting requirements of CB Finance for: Loans Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Reporting;
  • Provide related ongoing advice to leverage existing, associated Microsoft platforms capability amongst the broader DJ Partners business application environment
  • Migration of existing customers, contacts and loans on the go-live date.
During implementation, what was your role as a partner for CB Finance?
Dynamic Aspect, a long time and highly regarded Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner, had previously identified and tested the bona fides of the Seyfor OneCore Loans App Financial Services portfolio of offerings.

When approached by CB Finance for a robust and proven solution in this space, it was a natural move to present a solution that would meet the needs of the Finance Industry in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ).
How does the solution help CB Finance to solve their issues?
The Solution has been designed to deliver for CB Finance across the following Solution Components:
Component / Element
Business Central
Bank Feed (CSV)
Banking Import Actions via CSV (comma separated values)
Customer Receipts
Payment Journal / Customer Ledger
Customer / Borrower's Details
Contacts for "Customers/Borrower". Multiple Contacts possible for each Customer.
Customer / Borrower Interactions stored and tied to the Loan (Loan Card). Customer Relations Management (CRM).
Loans Express
Loan Card
All Loan Card Information Stored per Loan. Multiple loans for the same Customer(s) possible.
Payment Calendar
Payment Calendar is the daily loan view (see attached mock-up example Excel Worksheet).
Archived Loan Calendars for Loan Card. Multiple Archives.
The Active Loan Calendar (Current Active Loan View).
Statement (Reports)
Loan Statement Report and Statement Generation
Contracts (Reports)
Contract Document Generation (Start of Loan, Extension of Loans, Loan Settlement).
Notifications and Reminders
Notification and Reminder Tasks (Met on condition and schedule).
Outgoing Emails
Outgoing Email Component
Which challenges, changes, issues did you need to deal with during the implementation?
With an adherence to the Microsoft prescribed Sure Step Methodology for such deployments, and with a client with a keen understanding and knowledge of the capabilities of the solution, the implementation was delivered on budget - and on time.
What are TOP benefits of the solution?
The resultant solution benefits include:
Payment Calendar
Payment Calendar provides a single, coherant and effective "Top-Down View" of all Loans.

The Payment Calendar consists of the Active Loan Calendar as well as any Archived Iterations of previous Loan Calendars. The fields of the payment calendar are completely customisable for the user, and are able to be filtered, hidden or unhidden, and exported into Excel.
Loan Types
An array of Loan Types are available and easily managed:

Capitalised Interest – Interest that accrues and is paid generally upon Exit Strategy, with possibility of down payments and early payouts.

Prepaid Interest - this is interest that is paid in advance for either the whole period of a loan or a portion of it.

Monthly Compounding Interest, with a mixture of interest only payments for the life of the loan with the settlement of the loan at the point it reaches maturity based on exit strategy.

Or Interest and Principal payments at agreed intervals at the creation or flexibility of when the loan is changed/modified at the discretion of CB Finance.
Types of Interest
A range of flexible Interest types are also available to deliver on clients requirements:

Concessional Rate Interest - The system provides flexibility to change this at any point in the Loan Lifecycle (witht the ability for recalculation of the loan payment calendar if needed).

Standard Rate Interest – This is the "Default" Interest charged.

The system is sophisticated enough to be able to put a loan "into and out of" the "standard rate" or "concessional rate" at any point in the loan lifecycle.

These rates can be set for each and every loan at the start of the loan but it's also possible to modify them at any point in the loan lifecycle.

The current and archived copies of the payment calendar are attached to the loan card for tracking.

The solution allows the inclusion of Fees of different types at any point during the

Life Cycle of a Loan as well as the following features:
Ability to Pay Down Loans or Settle Loans at any point during the Loan Lifecycle.
The ability to be able to "Draw Down" a Loan, as in extend the loan principal amount and loan additional funds on the same loan.
The ability to easily calculate a payout settlement figure of a loan accurately at any point in the Loan Lifecycle.
Note Taking / Auditing / Audit Trails
Calculate Loan-to-Value Ratio
  • Ability to Pay Down Loans or Settle Loans at any point during the Loan Lifecycle.
  • The ability to be able to "Draw Down" a Loan, as in extend the loan principal amount and loan additional funds on the same loan.
  • The ability to easily calculate a payout settlement figure of a loan accurately at any point in the Loan Lifecycle.
  • Note Taking / Auditing / Audit Trails
  • Calculate Loan-to-Value Ratio
Auto Generated Public-facing documents
Letter of Offer – A letter of Offer is given to the new Borrower offering the Borrower the Loan Conditions. This is provided to them after the Loan has passed approval processes.Welcome Letter – A

Welcome letter to the Borrower, welcoming them to Capital Bridging Finance Services. Detailing the transferred loan amount (settlement) and an overview of the loan terms.

Maturity Letter - A letting explaining and reminding the Borrower that their loan is due to Mature and requires action on settlement or to start a conversation around other options.

Completion Letter – A letter thanking the borrower for completion and settlement of the outstanding loan amount. And a section thanking them for being a client and offering an avenue for potential repeat business if they are interested in future.
The look of the documents are driven by Capital Bridging Finance brand requirements.

All Contract's and Financial Legal Documents are generated by Capital Bridging Finance Solicitor outside of the system, but the copies of these documents are attached to the Loan Card of the Loan they apply to.