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Dynamic Aspect offers Wiise - an all-inclusive multifunctional software solution for accounting, invoicing, reporting, warehousing, managing business processes, inventory, projects and customer relationships.

Wiise is an efficient and convenient ERP system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Due to the fact that the solution's data and data processing tools reside in the Microsoft cloud it is available at any time and from any desktop or mobile device.
Wiise is a comprehensive cloud solution that provides the following benefits:
Localised software product
The software is developed for the Australian market — its functionality is designed based on the specifics of the local companies' business environment. All the data is stored in Australian Microsoft Azure Data Centres and is protected by security protocols.
Simple integration
The product is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which is used by thousands of companies worldwide, and is seamlessly integrated with all traditional Microsoft products. Wiise is a cloud-based solution, thus it doesn't apply strict requirements to your IT infrastructure. The packaged offering of the product allows you to precisely estimate the time and cost of the product's implementation.
You can change your subscription plan and program's features as your company grows. Wiise is beneficial for small or large companies. Whether you have a dozen employees or a thousand, with a turnover of 1 million or 50, still, it can be managed by Wiise.
Versatility and flexibility
Wiise — is the result of many years of cooperation between KPMG and Microsoft, supported by Commonwealth Bank. The software is beneficial to companies working in different areas. From production to retail and service industry — Wiise is suitable for any business.
Wiise is developed for the Australian market - its functionality is designed based on the specifics of the local companies' business environment.
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Wiise Features
Wiise, a cloud-based solution offered by Dynamic Aspect, provides all the necessary tools for increasing business efficiency.
Managing procedures and projects
Risk Management
Efficiency improvement in business communications
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Who can benefit from Wiise?
Wiise is developed for small and mid-size businesses.
Wiise is mostly beneficial to the companies that want to integrate all their processes into a single system, such as financials, production, interaction with customers, and warehouse management.

The program's features are also great for not-for-profit organisations, which require improvement in project management efficiency.
Dynamic Aspect Case Studies
Red Earth
Red Earth Energy Storage (Red Earth) is a high tech manufacturer operating in a high growth and fast evolving field of engineering and renewable energy storage. For a complete system flexible enough to keep up with their business, Red Earth selected the Wiise version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. And for a 'safe pair of hands' in terms of ongoing support and training, they found Dynamic Aspect as the partner with the complete set of product knowledge and skills to meet demands.
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Why Dynamic Aspect
Dynamic Aspect is focused on delivering business driven solutions across Microsoft’s business applications stack. We believe a combination of people, technology, and business drivers underpin successful implementations:
Years of Expertise
Our years of expertise helps us to align ourselves with our customer's business needs, expectations with Microsoft Business Solutions.
In-depth Knowledge
Our in-depth knowledge of products, technology, and Industry helps us to design the solution that align with our customer's business needs.
Support Plans
Tailored Support Plans from $9/ seat to meet your requirements and ensure your business applications are tuned for maximum benefit
Subject Matter Experts
Our highly experienced team of Professionals having the collective experience of over hundreds of successful Project implementations.
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Optimise your operations with Wiise

Unlock the potential of your business with Wiise, the cutting-edge Wiise ERP solution from Dynamic Aspect, designed to meet the unique demands of Australian businesses. By leveraging the robust functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Wiise goes beyond traditional ERP systems, offering a versatile platform that adapts to the needs of various industries, from manufacturing to retail and services.
Advanced reporting capabilities
With Wiise, transform your data into actionable insights with advanced reporting tools. Our solution provides detailed analytics that helps you understand market trends, track financial performance and make data-driven decisions that propel your business forward.
Enhanced customer relationship management
Manage your customer relationships more effectively with Wiise Dynamics. Our platform includes integrated CRM capabilities that allow you to nurture leads, enhance customer service and increase sales — all from one central system.
Streamlined project management
Efficiently manage your projects with tools designed to optimise resources and timelines. Wiise offers tailored project management features that help you keep projects on track and within budget, whether you’re running simple projects or complex, multi-layered operations.
Complete mobility for on-the-go access
Access critical business information from anywhere, at any time. Wiise ensures that whether you're on the factory floor, in a retail store, or in the field, you have access to real-time data and can make decisions quickly, all from any device.
Premiere financial management
Wiise accounting software integrates seamlessly into the broader Wiise ERP framework, providing robust financial management tools that simplify complex accounting tasks, enhance financial reporting and improve overall financial visibility.
Compliance and security first
Trust in a system that prioritises security and compliance. Wiise is hosted on Australian Microsoft Azure Data Centres, ensuring that your data is not only secure but also managed in accordance with local regulations and standards.
Empowering businesses to achieve more
Choose Wiise, powered by Dynamic Aspect, and join other successful Australian companies that have seen remarkable improvements in efficiency and productivity. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, Wiise is equipped to meet your needs today and scale with you as you grow.
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