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Dynamic Aspect will help you implement Continia Expense Management, a compelling solution for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central that helps automate the cost management process.

Cost management is one of the key administrative tasks for any company. The more efficient the procedures for registration, reporting and analysing costs are, the more opportunities it creates for businesses to increase their profitability.
Continia Expense Management Benefits
Working with its partners, Dynamic Aspect is committed to creating the most efficient and robust IT infrastructure for solving day-to-day business tasks.
Continia Expense Management
Continia Expense Management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
If you’ve already implemented Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, installing Continia Expense Management will provide your business with the following additional benefits:
Easy and instant registration of expenses
Regardless of when and where the company's expenses are generated, every cent spent is instantly registered in the system. Employees on business trips or working away from the office can report their expenses and share payment documents and receipts with administrators immediately via the mobile app at the time of incurring expenses.
Cost optimisation
The system allows you to set limits on all types of expenses, as well as to reject unauthorised spending. Automatic grouping of all expenses by type, place and time allows you to analyse and find ways to reduce your costs.
Saving time on approving expenses
A bookkeeper does not need now to wait for an employee to come back to the office and submit documents to a manager or supervisor to be approved. All this is done almost instantly with the ability to automate the approval process for regular expenses.
Quick and straightforward integration
Continia Expense Management is designed for the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, so its implementation does not require a significant effort. The familiar user interface and familiar operating principles will help employees start working with it without any re-training.
Continia Expense Management has three types of users who interact with each other:
Those who directly make expenditures — employees who submit payments and enter them into the system using either the mobile app or the Continia Expense Portal.
Managers (approvers) who verify and confirm the validity of expenses incurred. The expense approval process is performed either directly in Business Central or in the Continia Web Approval Portal. Limits can be set for different types of users on the amounts they are authorised to approve.
Bookkeepers, who record the final expenditure of financial or material funds in Business Central.
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As offered by Dynamic Aspect, ERP systems have a common architecture that helps to improve the efficiency of company management and includes three basic elements:
Continia Expense Management Benefits
There is a mileage function for field staff who use company vehicles. Just enter departure and arrival addresses into the system and use Google Maps to create routes and calculate the all associated costs and per diems.
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How expenses are registered
in Continia Expense Management
The user can report spending via a mobile app on his or her phone or via the Web Expense Portal. The app installed on your phone works even in offline mode. Simply create a "new spending" report, fill in the required fields, attach a photo or PDF file of receipts, and submit it for approval. Even if you’re offline, the report will be saved and automatically sent as soon as you are on-line. If additional verifying documents are still needed, these reports will be in the "settlement" folder.
The system supports the recording of transactions made from both personal and corporate credit cards. Data is received immediately upon transaction, so the bookkeeper does not need to wait for any bank statements. The app supports all major credit cards, including Mastercard, Visa and American Express, as well as the credit cards of many other banks.
Who can benefit from Continia Expense Management?
Continia Expense Management can be especially helpful for companies whose main costs are generated outside the head office.
For example it can be useful in industrial equipment servicing, goods and food delivery, home services, retailers with a wide chain of locations. Also, companies whose employees frequently travel and need to report on their spending get significant benefits by using Continia Expense Management.
Dynamic Aspect Case Studies
Continia Expense Management
Continia Expense Management
Energy Sea
In the Renewable Energy and Engineering sector, energySEA Pty Ltd prides itself on a smart use of technology including its own business systems. It's not surprising, therefore, that energySEA selected the powerful combination of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamic Aspect.
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Our clients reviews of Continia Document Capture
"Continia Expense Management has become a real gift for our employees who are travelling a lot. They enter all the data about their trip in the app: departure and return dates, destination, and then all they have to do is to take a photo of the receipts or send electronic receipts for the transactions they made. The employee, his manager and bookkeeper can immediately see how much was spent on transportation, food, accommodation, and whether these amounts are within the established limits. And most importantly there is no need to accumulate receipts, make reports, and spend your working time on all this."
Finance Manager, National Association
"It's a very adaptable and user-friendly application. We use it to record all our project costs, which are compiled from many different entries. This not only saves time on reporting, but also greatly simplifies accounting. We understand up to the cent what the whole project cost was, what profit we got from it, and where we can reduce our costs in the future."
CFO, ICT Repair Business
"We were uncertain whether to switch the system for recording and tracking expenditures, because when we already have a well-established mechanism that works, if it ain't broke — don't fix it. But the implementation of Continia Expense Management went surprisingly smoothly and very fast. It is a really powerful tool that makes life easier for employees who incur expenses as well as managers and accountants. And thanks to the Dynamic Aspect's staff, who have recommended the system and helped us to get it implemented and setting up."
Operations Manager, Social Housing Organisation
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