Faced with challenges in managing complex supply chains and disparate systems, Consep sought a comprehensive solution to streamline processes and facilitate growth. The company opted to implement Dynamics 365 Business Central, marking a transformative phase in its operations.

Transforming Operations at Consep Pty Ltd with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Case Study

Consep, a global leader in engineering solutions and equipment, is on a path to significantly increase customer value and service. To achieve this is has embarked on a journey to modernise its technology and operations to improve speed and efficiency.
Consep is an ISO9001 & ISO 45001 certified manufacturing and engineering company with over 30 years of experience installing and servicing engineering solutions and equipment to more than 30 countries.
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Consep faced several challenges before the implementation:
Disconnected Systems
Siloed information across departments led to inefficiencies and delayed decision-making.
Manual Processes
Tedious manual workflows for procurement, inventory management, and financial reporting resulted in delays.
Lack of Real-time Insights
The old systems did not have efficient data access which hindered Consep’s ability to make informed real-time decisions.
Consep recently acquired similar businesses in North America.  With this growth, Consep needed a solution that could scale with its expanding business.
Microsoft Dynamics 365

With its own rigorous standards, Consep engaged with certified partner Dynamic Aspect to deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, aiming to address their challenges comprehensively.

Customisation and Integration
Dynamic Aspect configured Business Central to align with Consep's unique workflows, integrating it with existing systems for a seamless transition. This included using PowerApps to capture manufacturing time.
Data Migration
Smooth migration of historical data ensured continuity in operations without disruption.
Training and Change Management
Comprehensive training sessions were conducted for employees to familiarize them with the new system. Change management strategies were employed by Consep to facilitate the transition.
Dynamics 365 Business Central
Implementation Process
The implementation of Dynamics 365 Business Central at Consep followed the structured approach of the Microsoft Sure Step Methodology:
Analysis and Design Phase
Detailed analysis of Consep's requirements and current processes to design a tailored solution.
Build Phase
Customisation and configuration of Business Central to meet Consep's specific needs.
Data Migration
Methodical transfer of data from legacy systems to Business Central, ensuring accuracy and completeness.
User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Validation
Rigorous testing to validate system functionalities and ensure seamless operations.
Operations Phase
Comprehensive training sessions for employees at different levels to ensure smooth adoption and minimise resistance.

The deployment of Dynamics 365 Business Central brought about transformative changes at Consep:

Streamlined Services
Integrated processes led to streamlined procurement, inventory management, and financial operations, eliminating redundancies and errors.
Real-time Insights
Access to real-time data empowered decision-makers with actionable insights, enabling faster and more informed decisions.
Improved Collaboration
Enhanced collaboration among departments and improved communication facilitated better coordination and efficiency.
Business Central's scalability allowed Consep to adapt effortlessly to growing demands, supporting their expansion plans.
The successful deployment of Dynamics 365 Business Central at Consep marked a significant step in the company's journey towards increasing customer value and service. By leveraging the power of an integrated ERP system, Consep gained further actionable insights, and positioned itself for sustainable growth.