SAP Business ByDesign to Dynamics 365 Business Central Migration: Case Study

It’s over a year now since the long-anticipated SAP announcement that they “will not develop any new functions for its Business ByDesign software for small and medium-sized firms from the second quarter of 2023”.
Not surprisingly, in 2023 Forbes Advisor announced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as ‘Best overall alternative to SAP’. Whilst Gartner also lists Business Central as an alternative to SAP Business ByDesign.
And there are many other compelling reasons why a company might consider moving from Business ByDesign to Business Central:
1.      Flexibility and configuration capabilities play a pivotal role. Business Central offers a more user friendly interface and greater flexibility in customisation. With Business Central's familiar Microsoft interface and integration with other Microsoft tools, employees often find it easier to adapt, reducing training time and increasing productivity. The flexibility to configure fields, forms, and processes in Business Central provides businesses with tailored solutions that align more closely with their specific needs.

2.      Cost-effectiveness. Business Central is often seen as a more cost-efficient solution due to its licensing model and scalability. The subscription based pricing structure allows companies to pay for what they need, enabling easier budgeting and cost control.

3.      Native Integration. Microsoft's ecosystem facilitates seamless integration between Business Central and other Microsoft applications such as Power BI for analytics, Outlook and Teams for communication, Power Platform for automation, and Co-pilot for Artificial Intelligence (AI). This interconnectedness streamlines operations, enhances data visibility, and enables informed decision-making across business units.

4.      Scalability. As businesses grow or evolve, their systems must adapt to handle increased transactions, users, and functionalities. Business Central's scalability allows for easier expansion, offering a smoother transition as companies expand their operations or diversify their product lines.

5.      Finally, Microsoft's commitment to innovation and continuous updates, dramatically contrasted by SAP’s 2022 announcement, ensures that Business Central users benefit from regular improvements and new features. With Microsoft's regular updates, companies can stay ahead with the latest technology advancements, compliance regulations, and industry best practices without the hassle of manual upgrades or significant disruptions to their operations.

Ultimately, while SAP Business ByDesign had its day and was deployed and supported by the team at Dynamic Aspect for a time, Business Central presents an enticing proposition for companies seeking a more user-friendly, cost-effective, scalable, supported and integrated solution. Knowing both systems, Dynamic Aspect is uniquely placed to discuss for options.